At last week's party, I might have mentioned we had something BIG planned this week. Yep, this is it! 

THREE lucky winners will be drawn to EACH receive $500 in paypal CASH! That's right, we've teamed up with a host of other bloggers to give away a total of $1500 in cold, hard CASH!  So don't miss your chance to enter because this one is HUGE!   Follow along with the raffle with hashtag #LuckoftheIrishgiveaway . We' can't wait to see which THREE lucky fans will EACH win $500! So go now and enter! 

Leave us a comment below telling us what you'll do with your $500 paypal CASH!! 

Chimichurri Pasta with Shrimp | KitchenDreaming.com | Pasta, shrimp, seafood, chimichurri, Argentina, herbs, cilantro, parsley, sauce
Chimichurri Pasta with Shrimp

My husband and I love chimichurri sauce. We always say it would be great on just about anything. Although this sauce is typically served alongside grilled steaks, lamb or pork sausages we eat it with just about anything. My daughter likes it best on a grilled slice of garlic bread. Yes, this sauce is just that good. I've even caught her licking the bowl once but who could blame her? 

The best part is that the sauce comes together quickly with the aid of my food processor. In my chimichurri sauce, I use parsley, cilantro, fresh garlic, onion, salt, pepper, some vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Some may add oregano but I just don't care for the flavor so I leave it out. To spice it up, we add red pepper flakes. 

This week we decided to make some of our family favorites -- shrimp pasta and chimichurri-- and create this new dish. It was really good and both grown ups and children alike were looking around for more.  Of course, you could omit the shrimp entirely and have a flavorful vegan or vegetarian dish as well.

Savory Oatmeal: Ham & Eggs | KitchenDreaming.com | Breakfast, Oatmeal, Canadian Bacon, Bacon, Eggs, Brunch, Savory Oatmeal
Savory Oatmeal: Ham & Eggs

My husband is not a fan of oatmeal. He never has been. I'm not either for that matter but every once in a while I do enjoy a bowl but it's got to be lumpy. I like my oatmeal to have a little chew, I always have. So when my husband and I were discussing the reasons behind why he doesn't like oatmeal, it occurred to me. My husband is just not a sweets person. He'd rather a good cheese tray than a cheesecake any day. So I asked him what he thought about making his oatmeal more in the style that he likes his grits. Savory. 

It was like a light went off. A real ah-ha moment. And so we've begun the process of making him some savory oatmeal dishes he can, at long last, really enjoy.  

Endive Salad | www.KitchenDreaming.com | #Glutenfree, #Endive, #salad, #handheld, #easy, #entertaining, #twobites , #appetizer
Endive Salad

A friend of mine asked me for some ideas for a dinner party she was having.  She requested a meal that was simple yet still had that special “wow” factor you look for at a dinner party. Since there were to be four courses, appetizer, salad, dinner and dessert,  We planned a very simple by amazing menu that would be easy to prepare and still enjoy time with her guests. 

Since she did not want just a plain salad of greens, croutons and dressing, we opted for these individual Endive salads. Although Endive is a little more expensive than regular lettuce the leaves are sturdy and make a perfect vessel to hold a variety of fillings.  By mixing some fresh tomatoes, green onion, Italian flat leaf parsley, blue cheese crumbles and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, we kept it very simple and under budget. 

The Weekend Social - Thursdays thru Sunday at Midnight. | KitchenDreaming.com | Link party, blog hop, bloggers Needed, Bloggers Wanted
The Weekend Social - Thursdays thru Sunday at Midnight.

| KitchenDreaming.com | Dessert, Italian, Strawberry the real beauty of this dessert is it can even be made a day or two in advance and stored in the refrigerator until serving time. You will not believe how easy this dish is to make.
Strawberry Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert which is simple and elegant and takes only about 5 minutes to make. Panna Cotta is a blank canvas and can be topped and flavored with just about any flavor combination you desire. But the real beauty of this dessert is it can even be made a day or two in advance and stored in the refrigerator until serving time. This keeps you out of the kitchen and enables you to enjoy more time with your loved one or guests. 

For serving, you can chose to unmold the panna cotta onto another dish and top it with whatever you desire or leave it in the vessel as we did here today and topped it with a fresh Strawberry puree. 

You will not believe how easy this dish is to make. Come on in and join us! 

Cornish Game Hens with Honey & Raspberry Puree | www.KitchenDreaming.com | #Glutenfree, #CornishGameHens, #raspberry, #valentinesday, #specialoccasion
Cornish Game Hens with Honey & Raspberry Puree

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that is the one night I make a special dinner for my husband.  I usually ask him what he would like and his response is always “Anything you make is fine with me.” Although I love that he will eat anything I make and truly enjoy it, for a special occasion I would like to make him something which is special to him.  I gave him several options from seafood, beef and chicken, he thought about it for a while and said, how about those little hens you always want to make.  I thought “perfect”, I went to the market and picked up a couple of Cornish Hens.  

Cornish Game Hen or Rock Cornish Hen are a hybrid chicken that is always sold whole.  These hens have a a much shorter growing period to have a much higher price than regular whole fryer chickens. What I love about making Cornish Hens for dinner is that they are a perfect to serve individually.  The meat is very tender and I have found the best way to cook these is roasted in the oven.  I keep the seasonings very simple then brush lightly the last 10 minutes of cooking with some honey and raspberry puree.

I paired this dish with some small new potatoes and some delicious young organic carrots.  

Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls | www.KitchenDreaming.com | A Great appetizer packed with that Buffalo wing flavor we all love!
Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls

Whether for the big game or party I have found everybody loves buffalo chicken.  Whether the traditional wings, a baked dip or even as roasted buffalo cauliflower it seems that the buffalo “wing” craze is in high gear.  

I recently made my buffalo chicken dip and found I made way too much for the event I was hosting.  I didn’t want the dip to go to waste so I came up with a few appetizer ideas that were equally delicious.  My personal favorite were the Buffalo chicken egg rolls.  During Super Bowl weekend I had made Philly cheese steak egg rolls, which were a huge hit with my boys.  There was still an unopened package of egg roll wrappers in the refrigerator and knowing my boys loved the Philly cheese steak egg rolls, I thought why not wrap up some of the dip and see if they would like this also.

Not only did my boys like the Buffalo egg rolls they asked me if I could make more for the Daytona 500.  Needless to say, I am going to be one busy mom all year since my boys love watching all major sporting events.  The fun thing about egg roll wrappers is that you can alter your recipe to your families taste, fry or even bake your egg rolls and enjoy.

Raspberry Buttercream Frosting | www.KitchenDreaming.com
Raspberry Buttercream Frosting

My husband and I do not normally get into all the hype that surrounds Valentine's Day. We are of the mindset that couples should love and respect one another everyday - the way that many couples anticipate on Valentine's Day. That's not to say we are always running out and buying special gifts and chocolates for one another but we do try to always cherish and respect one another as a part of our daily reminder of the love and faith we have for one another. My husband, after all, is my soulmate. <3 

Knowing that my husband never asks for much and is always doing so much for other people, I really wanted to do something special for him to show him how much he is loved and appreciated. Since his birthday is very close to Valentine's Day, I baked him this stunning individual Raspberry Buttercream cake while he was at work. 

Since I do not consider myself to be much of a baker, he was so surprised when he came home to find this cake waiting for him. To tell you the truth, I surprised myself as well.  This Raspberry Buttercream frosting is so incredibly easy to make, you won't believe it. 

Come on in and join me, and I'll show you how! 

#TheWeekendSocial - a Recipe, Craft & DIY Link Party Thursday's at 5PM PST and running thru Sunday at Midnight PST | KitchenDreaming.com | #TheWeekendSocial #linkparty #bloghop #linkup #bloggerswanted #bloggersneeded #Foodbloggers #craftbloggers #DIYbloggers
#TheWeekendSocial - a Recipe, Craft & DIY Link Party Thursday's at 5PM PST and running thru Sunday at Midnight PST


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