My husband and I stopped by the EVO Craft Bakery today to check it out. The young woman working the counter was very courteous, friendly and extrememly helpful and knowledable about the products. She took her time to explain all the different varieties of bread to us, their commonalities to one another and what set each one apart.

We decided to try the Sour Wheat bread, which she sliced for us, and the Baguette. We sampled each of the loaves of bread when we got home. What we found is that the EVO Craft Bakery is turning out some top quality baked goods with the same care, craftmanship and consistency as the pizza joint next door. We also felt the breads were being sold at a fair and reasonable pricepoint for the quality of the products being sold.

We did not sample any pastries today but we will be back again soon to try an assortment of those as well. 
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