We had tried to dine here once before on a Saturday afternoon but found we were too late for lunch seating and too early for the dinner seating. Disappointed we vowed we would go back again only when we went again we would have a plan! Celebrating nothing more than a date night with my husband, we set our sites on High Cotton. This time we made a reservation! 

We arrived on time and maybe even a little early, as we have a tendancy to do, and still the hostess happily greeted us and escorted us to our table chatting with us along the way. The dining room was abuzz with locals and tourists alike and there was live music wafting through the room. The music was not so overwhelming as to compete with the table conversations and this was very nice. 

My husband and I were greeted by our waiter as we perused the menu. He promptly explained the various dinner options, answered our questions and helped us navigate towards our deicision of the Charcuterie platter as our appetizer. The house-made, cured sausages, hams, pates, mustards, pickles and green beans were all impressive and delicious. They were served with warm, crispy, grilled slices of bread and if it were to be accompanied by the Domestic Artisan Cheese Board would easily make a delicious and satisfying lunch for two for $30 if you were dining on a budget. 

For dinner, I ordered the Venison while my husband ordered the Double Lamb chops. Both were delicious and cooked to perfection. However, if I had the choice again, I would definately order the double lamb chop over the venison. The great thing about HIgh Cotton is the menu changes often so there is always something new to try! For a look at the current menu click here.  
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