We have a couple of different Mexican restaurants to choose from in our area. The one we like the most happens to also be the closest to our house, La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant of Goose Creek, SC. 

I would say that we have been to this establishment over 60 times in the last 3 years. The manager, Carlos, knows us by site. He and his staff are always friendly and courteous and seem genuinely happy to see us. Of the 60 plus times we have visited this establishment, we have really only encountered sub-par service maybe 2 or 3 times. And.. I am not even sure that sup-par is fair to say because their service is usually so fast and on point that having to wait for something seems out of the ordinary and thus "sub-par". So, if all things were equal, we've probably only had one "real" sub-par service were the gentlemen got side tracked by our special appetizer request that he forgot to take our dinner order. 

We always enjoy our meals and the service. The staff are always more than happy to honor a special request and try to accommodate in every way possible. During our most recent visit we ordered the "Live Guacamole" dip which is prepared table side. This dish turned out to be such a delight and is also very economical and would quite easily serve four people for only $6.95! The guacamole is like a traditional guacamole picado and consisted of 2 whole fresh avocados, diced white onion, diced tomatoes, a jalapeno (optional), cilantro, salt and lime. As described in the menu, the guacamole dip was prepared table side and we were able to tweak the recipe to our liking with added salt and lime. It was really delicious and really worth the money. If we were to have a complaint, my husband would have liked the tomatoes and onions to be diced a little smaller but I thought it was delicious. 

As for dinner choices, we tend to stick to the same few menu items that we like. My husband likes the fajitas, chorizo tacos and chile relleno while I like the chile verde, carnitas and trio of tamales ($8.95).

Lastly, if you have an aversion to a particular food or a food allergy, Carlos and his staff does their absolute best to work with you and create special orders. Also, our food is always hot and fresh and at our table in record time. La Hacienda is also family friendly and very accommodating to my children which, besides the food, is what keeps us coming back time and time again. 
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