I had the opportunity to dine at Red Orchid's with a friend during lunch on a Saturday. I was a little apprehensive at first based on the location but had heard nothing but raving reviews from my co-workers.

The food was delicious and our service was great. My friend and I shared on order of  the Soothing Lettuce Wraps which contained sizzling chicken with shiitake mushrooms, served in cool lettuce cups ($6.95) and an order of spring rolls ($3.50). For lunch I had the Kung Po Chicken with stir fried vegetables with peanuts. Lunch portion ($ 6.95) while my friend ordered the Hot & Sour Soup. 

Everything we had was hot, fresh and delicious. I will be back again despite the one hiccup we had during service. The server inadvertently lost my credit card which had fallen out of the check cover while he was walking to the back area to scan card and issue my receipt. In a totally fluke accident, it had slid up against the wall under another patron's table. It was a few hours by the time they found my card but they were most sincere and apologetic about the incident. Since they could not immediately locate the card, I had called an put a hold on it so it was never in any danger. The owners locked it in the safe until I was able to come back and pick it up. Again they were so apologetic. 

I think they have great customer service and satisfaction along with great food and recommend giving them a try!
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