This was officially my first Charleston brunch and our first trip to The Grocery. Upon entering, we were immediately and pleasantly greeted by the hostess. Our table was not quite ready but this gave us some time to really check out the restaurant. Immediately we noticed the restaurant was packed with every available table filled. We were glad that we had made a reservation. 

Along the back wall, above the kitchen, there are rows of in-house pickled vegetables lining the shelves. Below this is a case featuring the many house cured sausages. In the bar, there is a long community table with ample seating for those wishing to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or snack. The snack options feature some very intriguing appetizers. Among them are fried duck wings ($6) and beef short rib arancini ($5) both, we agreed, with very reasonable prices. 

We were seated in a high backed, very comfortable booth right near the entrance to the kitchen and adjacent to wait staff area. Normally a booth like this would carry quite a stigma, however after sitting there I was impressed by the fact that I could not hear any sounds coming from either of these two areas. The restaurant is, however, quite loud and the accoustics really do carry as was evidenced by the fact that we could hear the conversations of the people in the far end of the room not to mention the table of women loudly chortling away in the opposite corner from us. Most diners found this group to be quite disruptive and this fact was quite evident as I watched their stares and sideward glances, some even turning around to look directly at them in disbelief. Our only observation would be that since this table was being obviously disruptibe to the other 40 people occupying the restaurant that the General Manager should have personally addressed the situation. While it is okay to enjoy yourself it should not be at the expense of the other diners occupying the restaurant.

Otherwise, every aspect of our brunch was in a word...amazing. Our server, Kasey, was attentive and responsive. She did a wonderful job and is very knowledgeable about the food on the menu, as well as, its preparation. This is very important to us as my husband has a food allergy. She acted as a liason between us and the chef and helped execute the perfect breakfast for both myself and my husband. Her level of customer care and satisfaction is difficult to find these days and we are very thankful.  

I  had the Duck Hash (pictured above) which featured duck confit, sunchokes, fingerling sweet potatoes and was topped with a sunny side egg ($10). It was delicious and I enjoyed every bite. Following Sunday brunch tradition, I enjoyed my breakfast with a Mimosa ($4). 
My husband opted for the duet of Quail with French Toast which featured two southern fried quails, cornmeal brioche topped with an Orange-Sorghum Syrup ($18). The batter on the quail was light and delicious and the quail was perfectly cooked. The meat was still tender and juicy and paired very well with the orange-sorghum syrup. Since my husband has a food allergy to peppers, the chef made a special order just for my husband omitting the chili flakes in the syrup. We were so happy that The Grocery was so accomadating and sensative to his food allergy and so glad we were able to try this dish because it was phenominal. Although I like to try a new dish everytime I go to a restaurant, I am already dreaming about when I can eat this delicious quail and French toast again! 

To end our meal, my husband and I enjoyed an order of churros ($8) accompanied by a cup of coffee (~$3). The churros come with a set of three dipping sauces: salted caramel, vanilla creme anglaise and chili-orange chocolate (not pictured). Again, because of the chili pepper in the chocolate sauce, the chef substituted an extra serving of salted caramel to accommodate my husband's food allergy. We thought they were delicious and we left very happy already talking about when we want to go back. 

Our next mission is to try the fried duck wings and the beef short rib arancini. 

To see their various menus click here. To make an on-line reservation (recommended) click here.

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