My husband and I have had the distinct pleasure of dining at The Oak Steakhouse on more than one occasion. Each visit has been during Restaurant Week and it has proved to be a great time to go and check out new restaurants. 

The extraordinary level of service at The Oak starts the minute you walk through the large double doors and are greeted by the hostess(es). They are prompt and courteous and are always ready to take us right to our table. I usually make reservations well in advance and request very specific tables to provide us with different vantage points of the restaurant. We have always been accommodated on these special requests and that makes us feel good about coming back as well. 

Then from the moment we are seated, the wait staff takes over and does a superb job of being friendly, polite, informative and on point with fabulous dining service. The service is always impeccable and we really like that the Manager comes personally by every table to greet each new guest. These points alone are reasons that really make The Oak stand above the rest. 
Each time we've gone, my husband and I always get the featured steak and it is always cook to perfection; tender, juicy and melt in your mouth delicious. We ordered a side of mushrooms to go with our dinner and they, too, are absolutely wonderful. We've only encountered one food issue while dining at The Oak and it was that our fingerling potatoes that came with our dinner were underdone. We notified the server when she came by to inquire about our meal and the Manager came promptly to our table and apologized. The Chef sent up a batch of whipped potatoes to replace out fingerlings along with a sincere apology. We were very happy to have been taken care of so well with just the replacement of our potatoes. By the end of dinner my husband and I were absolutely stuffed...it was then that the Manager sent over a dessert (carrot cake --which was incredibly flavorful) with yet another apology for the potatoes being under-cooked.

Needless to say, we left very impressed with the level of service at The Oak Steakhouse. Every member of the staff from the hostess and the wait staff to the Manager and the Chef are the best in Charleston.  
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