My husband and I stopped into Big Billy's one afternoon after doing some shopping nearby. The restaurant is themed similarly to Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant. We were seated under a massive palm frond thatched tiki-style hut located in the center of the restaurant. My young daughter absolutely loved it...my rather tall husband not so much. 

I will say that our server was excellent. She was on point with service and extremely knowledgeable of the menu items, as well as, the ingredients and preparations. We started off our meal with an order of the Fried Dill Pickle Chips which were lightly breaded, fried golden and served with honey horseradish sauce. These were pretty tasty and are one of my husband's favorite treats. We each ordered a burger cooked medium rare and each came to the table cooked exactly as ordered. 

The owner/manager stopped by our table to check on our experience which is always a nice touch but had on his Noisy Oyster apparel which seemed a little strange to us. The only other pitfall we saw-- and it happens to be a biggie-- is that from where we were seated I watched the "chef" eating off the line. He would eye where the manager was in his rounds around the restaurant and then lean in and take a bite of some tater tots, burger etc from just below where he could be seen but would come up chewing. He also had a beverage on the line. This is a health violation to be eating on the line. I hope that the manager/owners will be able to correct this as it is a big turn off to watch the "chef" shoveling food into his mouth and then turn right around and put an order up on the pass to go out to the customers.  

This really dampened an otherwise great dining experience. We have not been back due to this one faux pas on the part of the chef. I'm afraid now of what is "really" in the burgers.
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