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After enjoying a lunch at a new favorite restaurant my husband and I decided to go over to Seminole Town Center to do some shopping.  What we found was Boston Coffeehouse, "a unique gathering place with a quaint and charming character, a pleasant ambiance, and a touch of Colonial Boston."

As we entered we were greeted by Nicholas, he was very friendly and asked if we had ever been in the Coffeehouse before.  We explained we had not and were really only there for a cup of coffee.  He asked if we were looking for something cold or more traditional.  I said I wanted something hot so he and I discussed the flavors I enjoy.  I ended up going with his suggestion of a "Nutty Irish Lady", which is Espresso, steamed milk, hazelnut, Irish Crème & Cherry, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.  I have to say, the coffee itself was smooth, full flavored and did not leave a bitter after-taste like some of the larger chains.
We also opted to have a cool drink, a frozen raspberry lemonade.  This was the perfect balance of tart with the sweet berry flavors of the raspberry. 
We were so full earlier from our lunch that we did not order dessert.  While at Boston Coffeehouse we were looking at the many desserts and decided that All of them looked amazing and that we had to at least try one between the two of us.  We selected the Chocolate Dipped Espresso Cheesecake.  I think I am in heaven!  Every bite was an explosion of flavors.
While sitting down enjoying our mid-afternoon dessert a gentlemen approached our table and asked if everything was okay.  His name was Sky, he is the owner of this particular Boston Coffeehouse.  He explained that there are now 5 locations and we should really visit the Deland location on New York Avenue as that location is the flagship store and they are a full service restaurant and the building is incredible.  I believe he said that when you walk in you feel like you walked into your grandma's kitchen.  He explained the most popular items at that location are the breakfast items and we should really go and try the Boston Coffeehouse the next time we are in Deland.
Although we did not order a meal we did look at the menu and listened to other customers as they placed their orders.  From what we were hearing the sandwiches are amazing as well as the wraps.  We really can't wait to go to the Deland location to try a sampling of the breakfast items.
The restaurant was very clean, the decor was perfect for relaxing enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a good book or enjoying breakfast or lunch.  I suggest you give Boston Coffeehouse a try, they have 5 area locations in Deland, Orange City, Orlando and Sanford.  Check out their website here. Enjoy
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