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I suppose we could assume that my family and I hit this restaurant on an off day. The reviews we read prior to going all seemed to point in a positive direction (88%) but we found our experience to be in the other 12% that thought it was only okay and slightly overpriced. 

When we walked through the front door we were immediately greeted by a sign that stated "Please Waite to be Seated". However, there was no hostess there and as we gazed around, standing there awkwardly in the door, we saw plenty of staff members with one in particular coming to within 5 feet of us at a nearby table and still no one bothered to even address us. The restaurant was pretty empty for 1 PM on a Saturday. Finally the hostess appeared and directed us to a table of our choosing. 

The menu looked great. The flavor combinations all looked delicious and well conceived but that did not translate for me from the menu to my plate. Being a wood fired pizza joint, I would expect to taste that in my pizza but I did not. While a portion of the crust on my husband's pizza was charred black on the outside edge, mine didn't even seem to have gone into the hotter part of the oven. My crust was soft and pale white. My cheese was just barley melted. It was not the thin, crispy, wood fired crust I know and love. The toppings were great but the crust fell flat for me and in my opinion the crust is one of the most important elements of any slice of pizza. We did find it a little over-priced for what we got but would gladly pay the same prices at other pizza joints we have tried both in Charleston and Savannah, GA. 
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