My husband and I stopped by the Charleston Bagel Co Saturday to get some bagels for the long weekend. We did not realize that the shop had already closed about 15 minutes prior to our arrival. The door was open and we walked in. As I was admiring the items in the case, the manager came over to explain that the shop had closed and so they were no longer serving sandwiches. I apologized and explained that we had just stopped in on our way home to pick up some bagels for the weekend. 

Instead of shooing us from the store, she allowed us to make a selection of bagels and sold them to us at the "day old" price. We were really happy with the level of customer service we received at the Charleston Bagel Co. and will be back, as the manager suggested, to try some of their many breakfast and lunch type sandwiches offered. 

The bagels we selected (even day old) were deliciously soft and chewy and perfect with my cream cheese spread. Thanks you Charleston Bagel Co for making my weekend happy!  I appreciate your over the top service you gave us when you had every right to turn us away.  :)
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