We did not plan on stopping into East Bay Deli. We were going to stop in to Ted's Butcherblock located right next door but as it was Mother's Day. Much to our dismay Ted's was closed because it was Sunday. Since East Bay Deli was located right next door and we were all hungry, we stopped in for a bite to eat. The menu is pretty extensive and I really liked the types of sandwiches listed. I opted for one of the daily specials made of cube steak and portabella mushrooms. It was only okay for me. The meat was a little tough for a cube steak but the sauce was good. My husband had the Reuben  my father opted for the Chicken Noodle soup which he said was also good. 

What was not pleasing about our visit to this restaurant was the service. The food runner was a young girl and she was surly at best and possessed a very negative attitude. She did not address us or even smile when she came by our table. She was simply going through the motions of running food. We watched her as she went to each table and she treated each table the same way. 

We had a problem with our order and when I inquired about my daughter's meal she barked at me citing "it was not on the ticket." After going back through the order with the front counter personnel, it indeed wasn't on the ticket but there certainly are better ways to interact with your customers and it can be done with a pleasant attitude. I was not rude to her. I was not even mad. I simply asked if my daughter was also supposed to be getting a pizza. It wasn't that big of a deal. Mistakes happen. Once we found the mistake, we ordered a kids meal and paid for it at the counter. Problem solved. 

However, it became a big deal when the same food runner delivered my daughter's pizza to the table. She all but threw it at her. I want to note here that my daughter is only three so what did this accomplish? The plate landed so hard on the table that surrounding customers gawked at her and at us. It was so unprofessional. In a business where your employees are the face of your business and represent you as well as your brand, it's surprising that this can go on...especially with a high end deli sitting right next door. We are locals and we will not be coming back to this storefront again.

On our way out, we spoke to one of the assistant managers and she was very apologetic but the lack of customer service was already too much for our tastes.  If you are coming in town on vacation, docked for a cruise or otherwise hungry in this area of the Peninsular and have a hankering for a great deli style meal walk on by the East Bay Deli and head into Ted's Butcherblock right next door and get yourself what you crave. Just remember that Ted's is closed on Sundays and Mondays so you are not forced to relive my mistakes!  Ted's doesn't have a high approval rating for nothing! Judge for yourself...
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