I am not usually a fan of chain restaurants but we stopped into the Olive Garden in North Charleston.

It was about 11AM on a Tuesday and the restaurant had just opened and had a fair amount of patrons seated already for lunch but were no where near capacity for this establishment. 

We were seated in the furthest back corner of the restaurant almost near the entrance to the kitchen. The servers seemed discombobulated. We ordered soup, salad, and bread sticks for ourselves and a kids spaghetti for our daughter. I loved my Zuppa Tuscana, my salad and especially my bread sticks. My husband also enjoyed the soups as he tried the entire myriad of soups offered. My daughter loved her spaghetti and all of her extra cheese. However, the service was slow and extremely disorganized. We were there well over and our and a half for lunch so forget this place if you are on your lunch break from work. 
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