On a recent trip to Charlotte, NC I stopped into Sticky Fingers with a large group of people around 8:00 PM on a Saturday. We had phoned in a reservation a few minutes earlier to let them know we were coming and our table was ready as soon as we walked in. This was impressive since the restaurant was still pretty busy from dinner service. 

We had 12 people in all comprised of 6 adults and 6 kids ranging from teenagers to a 3 year old. The table was scattered as the kids sat at one end and the adults together at the other end of the long table. Our server did a great job and kept all the families and tickets straight and there were no errors with anyone's meals. Everyone was really pleased with what they ordered and we all left stuffed after a very long and adventurous day visiting the US National White Water Center located in Charlotte, NC.

My husband and son shared the ribs for two platter which came with 4 sides. They tried a little bit of everything and really enjoyed it all. I had the brisket platter and the outside bark of my brisket was spicy and flavorful. The meat itself was still very moist and delicious. I paired it with collard greens and mashed potatoes and really enjoyed my meal. On of our friends tried a side of fried corn. He said it was the best thing he ate and would have eaten more. 

It was getting late and the restaurant staff were cleaning down for the night. We asked our server what time they closed so we would not be holding her up. She told us to stay as long as we liked as she would be here until we left and was in no hurry. When the checks arrived, the server had not added the traditional 18% to our individual bills for parties over 6 and we were all very surprised by this. We had an awesome time visiting this restaurant and were so pleased with our server and the entire wait staff that had pitched in to help deliver all the entrees to our table at once. 

Despite the low approval rating on this restaurant at the time of this review, we had a lovely time, enjoyed our food and really felt welcomed and appreciated at this restaurant. 
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