My husband and I dropped by the Tropical Kitchen for lunch with our daughter. My husband has a food allergy and they helped us work our way through the menu. The chef even created some side dishes for my husband he would be able to eat despite his food allergy.

I have had the pleasure of having Puerto Rican food made by my friend and his family in the past and the food produced here is equally as flavorful and delicious. I was in love with the food.

The restaurant is small and clean and was full when we stopped in. The owners came and greeted us and helped us work out a plan for my husband's lunch because of his allergy. They did a fantastic job with working with us even making a special order of beans for him.

He had the half chicken with rice and red beans. I had the roast pork pernil with plantains, rice and pigeon peas and my daughter had the kids chicken tenders meal which included a drink.  Her chicken was actual tenders breaded and pan fried. No compressed patties or nuggets here which was a real relief. Instead of fries, I asked for rice and beans as my daughter has fast become a rice and bean aficionado. She loved it. Both my husband and my plates was so full we took home half and ate again for dinner. For fun, I also ordered a pastelle which was absolutely delicious and was exactly the way my friend's family had made them for me so I know this is the real deal.  

I noticed many tables ordered the mofongo but I did not get to sample this yet but I will definitely give it a try the next time I head back because I am still thinking about how delicious the food was and how generous and sweet the owners were when my family visited. We had a lovely time and will be back soon. 
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