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Last October my husband and I won a free night stay at a resort in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  As with most married couples finding time to get away is almost impossible due to the schedules of all family members.  Our children, ages 23 & 12 told us to go ahead and have a great weekend. So off we went to the "Beach".

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate so taking the romantic stroll on the beach was out.  We did watch a beautiful sunrise on the beach then we decided it was time for breakfast.  We both wanted local and not a "chain" restaurant.  So as we drove down Atlantic Blvd we stopped a couple that were walking their dogs and drinking coffee.  When asked where is a good place to grab some breakfast, they both without hesitation stated "The Sunrise Diner".  They said it is "old school" and the food can't be beat.  They were locals, for the last 47 years they were happy to tell us.
The restaurant was easy to find, is a free-standing building with ample parking and is wheelchair accessible.  As we walked in you get a nostalgic feel as the interior of the building is dated, has the daily breakfast special board at the back of the restaurant and also one at the front with dinner specials.  When we walked in a waitress said, Good Morning, have a seat and someone will be right with you.  True to her word a waitress appeared at our table and greeted us, asked us if we would like to order drinks then said she would be right back to tell us about the specials.
Wendy, our waitress, was very knowledgeable, knew the specials and how they were prepared, she even told us which items were the restaurants most popular among locals and tourist. 
My husband and I both requested coffee, which was a perfect temperature and was a great start to the morning.  Wendy made sure our cups were never empty.  For my meal, I opted for the Scrambler Special for $7.99 regular or a half order for $4.99.  I chose the smaller portion and am glad I did as the serving size was huge.  The scrambler consisted of  eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cheese and was served with my choice of toast or a fresh biscuit.   Jim ordered the Biscuit & Gravy special $6.99 which came with 2 eggs and he requested a side of bacon. The biscuits were flaky and golden, the gravy was full of sausage chunks, was creamy but a little thick for my liking but he loved it.
The restaurant also has counter service and from what we were able to see the restaurant gets very busy around 8:30 am on Saturday.  The restaurant is small so if you are going to stop in I would suggest coming off peak hours.  This restaurant is the perfect place to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a slice of one of their amazing looking desserts.
The waitresses are all friendly, knowledgeable and make you feel like family. We can't wait to visit the Sunrise Diner on our next trip to the beach so we can stop in for a dinner special.
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