For years, Casselberry, FL has had limited restaurants for breakfast and late night fare.  Most recently a hamburger fast-food restaurant closed and we anxiously awaited to see what new development would go in its place.  We were surprised when the building was leveled, it appeared that the land would remain empty.  Much to our surprise construction barriers went up, the land was prepared, and the slab was poured, yet no indication of what was going in the location.  Several months later there were brick walls and the building was taking shape.  The familiarity of it was exciting but I could not place what it was.  Then the sign went up, I couldn’t believe that my little home town was getting one of my childhood favorite restaurants, a Waffle House.  As is the case with all Waffle House restaurants this was built small but efficient.

I went to the restaurant with my husband and son, we arrived at 8am on Sunday morning.  As we walked in we were immediately greeted by Miguel the host and shown to the only available booth.  We congratulated Miguel on the recent opening and he thanked us, and said the crowd has been great, in fact he said we were lucky we arrived early because there usually is a wait.  I asked why they built such a small restaurant and he stated he asked the same thing, corporate told them, all Waffle House Restaurants are built the same.  The reason is that they were originally roadside diner style restaurants with the premise of get the diners in, feed them great food at affordable prices and get them back on the road fairly quickly. The restaurant just recently opened, it was spotless, and the staff was energetic, friendly and worked as if they had been together for years.  The restaurant as I said was small, there are a total of 7 booths, 8 low counter chairs and 6 high bar stools, a total restaurant seating of 42 guest.  While there I noted 12 employees behind the counter or serving guest.  Our waitress Sonya advised that they normally have 14-20 employees during any given shift.  During our visit we had the pleasure of seeing the Unit manager Jerry who was also working the grill, the Divisional manager and District manager.  It was very nice to see that all these managers were actually working with the staff and either prepping food, greeting customers or stocking inventory.

Our waitress Sonya was fully trained in the menu and had an amazing personality that made you feel like you have known her your entire life.  As I previously said the wait staff worked together as if they had been together for years instead of just a couple of weeks.  I noticed that the waitresses not only worked their assigned tables but also assisted tables that needed a refill or a question answered. 

The menu was very easy to read and had many options from a light fare to a hearty meal.  Both my husband and I decided on starting our day with a cup of the Specialty Dark Roast Coffee, which was a smooth blend, strong but not bitter.  Probably one of the better dark roast coffees I have had in a long time.  My husband and son both decided to have the All Star Breakfast which consisted of 2 eggs cooked to order, a large waffle, and your choice of toast, grits, ham, bacon or sausage.  I opted for a bowl of cheesy grits which were smooth and perfectly cooked and a side order of hash brown potatoes “Country” which is hash browns covered in sausage gravy.  The gravy was creamy with just the right amount of sausage pieces and the hash browns were perfectly cooked including the crispy edges. 

The restaurant is small but full of amazing people and great food, the bonus is that the restaurant is open 24 hours each day.  So if you are looking for Great Food Fast, the Waffle House is the place to go, in fact you just may see me there. 
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