Moe's Southwestern Grill is our normal go-to as a relatively healthy alternative to fast food. We frequent Moe's about twice a month sometimes more often. It is usually a place of good food and good service but lately, I've noticed an attitude about the cashier and front end clerks and the customer service is on a major decline. 

Last week I stopped into Moe's with my husband. We ordered our burritos and received "left-over" chips from the night before. I know this because I was told by the fellow when I brought them back for fresh chips. I noted how visibly oily they were with a stale taste and lack of crispness. He replenished my chips and I was satisfied. 

And then, there's today. Today was a totally different experience for my family. 

We arrived at about 12:10pm. There were two people in line ahead of us and plenty of available seating so the place was steady but not jam packed busy. We were ahead of the lunch rush. We ordered our food for myself, my husband and our two kids. The burritos and quesadillas were made and we were off to a great start. That's when it happened; Service sunk to an all time low when I reached the register to pay. 

The interaction between the clerk and I was not good. I started to tell her our order so she could begin to key it in. She walked away from me mid sentence. She stepped back, I started over. "We're having 2 homewreckers; 1 chicken and 1 ground beef. We would like to make each of those a meal with queso." She asks "How many drinks would you like?" I answer "We're making both of them a meal." to which she replies in a snide tone holding up two fingers and talking down her nose at me, "So, that would be two." I look at her with a chagrin on my face in disbelief of how she is speaking to me unprovoked. She walks away from me AGAIN mid order and walks down to her co-worker. She exchanges words with her and the co-worker cuts her eyes to me and they both laugh. This is going downhill FAST. 

She comes back to the register empty handed, meaning she had no other reason to leave the transaction than to report our conversation to the co-worker and gives me a total. I say "OK, but we also had two kids quesadillas." Normally I am told to go pick out the cookies for the kids meal while the clerk rings up the order but as I am doing this she throws her hand up in the air, gives me a dirty look and says "whatever." By this time, I am out of patience with this clerk because this type of attitude in not okay not did I do anything to her to provoke it. 

The manager came over to ask what had transpired but could offer us no type of support. He called his clerk to come talk to us out front but she refused to come out of the back room. By now, the restaurant had filled up and the line was long and the place was crowded.  We ended up leaving and leaving the food on the counter without paying (over $30).  I have witnessed similar behavior at this location before but have never been at the receiving end of it. I realize that I am not Moe's only customer but in the few moments when it's my turn to have my burrito filled to order and when it comes time to pay, in those few moments, I am and should be their most important customer. To be treated in a derogatory manner was uncalled for and will not be tolerated. I will not be frequenting this establishment at any point in the future. 

If your staff is supposed to be the face of your storefront and represent your brand Moe's is not doing a good job. The cashier is the last interaction folks have and that person is the one who can make or break your dining experience. If this particular clerk is the best, most representative person that this particular franchise has to offer it really isn't saying much. 
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