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My family and I happened into Smokey Bones today for lunch as we out doing a bit of shopping. The dining room wasn't as full as I would have expected for lunchtime on a Wednesday but it still has quite a few people dining. We are shown to our seats in the main dining room. 

Our server was warm and inviting and really made us feel at home. She took extra time with my three-year old daughter listening intently to her as she ordered and then reiterating her order back to her for her approval. It is the small moments like that which makes a dining experience go from ordinary to extraordinary. In those extra moments she took with my daughter, she made my daughter feel heard and understood and I really appreciate that. In a time when "Customer is King" appears to be slipping by the wayside, our server made her feel like a Princess. 

Our food came and it was delicious. The pulled pork was tender and juicy and done to perfection. The various sides we ordered were also done well. Never an empty glass was had by my table as our server checked on us and catered to our whims, oftentimes before we even realized we needed something. We have been here twice before and had good service each time... we usually dine at lunch and the pace is steady and the ambience is more quiet than the night crowd where it can get a bit loud with a full house. 

There are 4 different style of barbecue sauce to choose from so there is something there for every palate. I did not commit them all to memory but there is a spicy sauce, a Carolina gold sauce, a Carolina Mopping sauce and a Kansas City style sauce. I went with the spicy first and it has a great little kick to me but I'm a spicy whimp. Then I tried the Carolina mopping sauce which was okay but my favorite was the Kansas City style sauce which I then combined with the spicy variety to make a sweet and tangy sauce of my own. It was really good. 

There are also items on the menu for non- pork lovers and also for non-barbecue lovers. The kids meal had a good 6 or 7 items as well (none are hot dogs) and goes something like Chicken fingers, Grilled Cheese, Mac n Cheese, a 1/4 chicken, pulled pork or some pasta dishes. The meals range in price but are affordable. They come with a drink and 1 side. My daughter chose the mac n cheese and a side of steamed broccoli. It came as a very hearty portion for a three year old and she ended up taking a small box home. She said it was "delicious" which sounds more like de-wish-us when she says it but no matter how you pronounce it, our dining experience here was wonderful. 

Smokey Bones now offers a points system with a card they scan which tracks the points automatically. It is a free card and once you spend $200 the server said they will send us a coupon for $20 off our next visit. Not bad for a place you're visiting anyway! Ask your server about the frequent diner card if you don't already have one. 
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