We had an enjoyable lunch with our kids here. We watched the pizza chef hand toss our pizza, add the ingredients and put it into the oven. On another bench, the pastry chef was making fresh cannoli filling. We ordered a Vesuvio Calzone ($14)  and a large Lasagna Pizza ($21) to share. 

Despite the great care taken for the pizza and calzone options, which by the way, can't be ordered to taste since the menu clearly states: "no substitutions, no half toppings, all pizzas slightly charred & well done." Despite the fact that the pizza is being hand tossed and assembled right there in front of you, you cannot order anything different than the very strict menu selections. The two salad offerings come pre-packaged and are available in a cooler at the front of the building when you first walk in. Soda is also sold by the bottle and is $1.75 for an 8 oz bottle or $2.50 for a 20 oz bottle.  There's a variety of bottled beer, macro and craft, and wine for sale. You can also bring your own wine (bot not beer or any other beverages) and they don't charge a corkage fee. For those not wanting to pay $10 for a family of 4 to have a soda, there's a pitcher of water and some plastic cups up by the far end of the room next to the small condiments bar. 

On our way out, we ordered a few varieties of cannolis to take home. While she was piping them, I asked if they made the shells in house of if they were brought in. I was informed that the shells are imported from Italy but the filling is made in-house. At $4.25 each, which I think is on the expensive end of cannolis, they have 7 flavors to chose from but, for me,  they were just an average cannoli. Good but not outstanding.  

All in all, everything we sampled here this day was good. The atmosphere though was extremely lacking and although our server was friendly, the room was oddly quiet except for the random noises in the kitchen. The employees didn't talk, no one smiled it verged on being almost uncomfortable. 

All that being said, while DeSano's Pizza was good, I still prefer EVO.  
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