the best steamer on the market – the BUYDEEM 5-Quart All-In-One Intelligent Food Steamer

The Buydeem All-in-One Intelligent Steamer is a necessity for any home kitchen, college dorm, home or cabin rental, or small kitchen efficiency. Make no mistake, this versatile steamer is capable of cooking complete meals! This is hands-down the best all-in-one automatic steamer.

I don’t participate in product reviews often, so when I do, be rest assured it’s a product that moves me. I’m so happy about my new BUYDEEM all-in-one intelligent electric food steamer that I wanted to tell you all about it.

If you get to the end of this review and you still have questions, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help answer any questions you may still have about this electric food steamer.

Image of the Buydeem All-in-One Intelligent Steamer is necessary for your kitchen if you want an easy and fast way to cook healthy meals. This versatile electric food steamer can reduce cook times while providing healthier meals with its 5-in-1 built-in functions. The all-in-one is the best steamer for cooking at home.

The Bottom Line

YES! Purchase the BUYDEEM all-in-one Intelligent Electric Food Steamer! Read on for our full review.

What we Like

  • Intelligent LCD Controls
  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving Design
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • 60-second Quick Steam
  • 5 Qt water resevoir
  • Easy to Clean
  • BPA Free
  • Auto Off Feature
  • 1 year MFG warranty
  • Multi-functional
  • Standard model can be upgraded to a double-tier design.
  • Accessories store easily inside unit

What we Don’t like

  • A little pricey but coupon codes are provided by the manufacturer and on making it more in-line with other brands
  • Wall plug cord is short so must be placed very near wall socket.

The Buydeem 5-Quart Electric Food Steamer steams food perfectly and is easy to clean, making it a must-have for today’s home gourmet.

Healthy steam cooking made easy

The Buydeem Electric Food Steamer is very easy to operate. What sets this steamer apart from others currently on the market is the warming function, automatic shut-off, and a pre-set menu that offers slow cook, and yogurt options.

The steamer is lightweight so it can be placed pretty much anywhere in your kitchen so long as it’s near an electrical outlet. Its compact design allows it to be stored easily in a small footprint. As an added bonus, the electrical cord detaches from the unit allowing it, and all of the accessories to be easily stored inside the unit. No more wrestling with an unruly plug at the back of your appliance.

Image of the parts of t he buydeem food steamer.

Electric Food Steamer Features

The quick 60-second heat-up function makes steaming food quick and easy. Steamers also provide an added health benefit since steaming food retains more of the vitamins and nutrients in the food rather than leaching out into the water.

I like that the steamer is made of quality food-grade stainless steel giving it better durability over other plastic steamers on the market today. Rest assured, all plastic parts of the BUYDEEM steamer are BPA-free, too.

Another one of my favorite features is the dry boil alarm which alerts you when the water level is too low and will also turn off the machine automatically if the reservoir ever happens to run dry. I know I’ve done this before in the past so for me, this added safety feature is simply a must-have for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

It should also be noted that this steamer has an extra-large 5-liter (1.3 gallons or 5.2 quarts) capacity for water in the reservoir, not only saves you from running out of water whilst steaming but also allows you to steam longer for those slow cook soups, stews, and those recipes requiring a bain Marie (steam table in your oven). The super capacity reservoir is an absolute must-have for today’s home kitchen gourmet.

Image of the accessories that come with the buydeem food steamer.


What made the BUYDEEM electric food steamer stand out to me among other comparable steamers on the market today are the many useful accessories.

This all-in-one steamer includes a stainless steel tray for steaming and a steaming plate, made of ceramic, that holds delicate items like fish or small veggies for cooking.

The best accessory, however, is the second steaming tray which forms the double-decker design. This feature allows for a whole meal to be cooked at one time, or in stages, in the same steamer. For instance, this powerful little machine is perfect for a scaled-down New England Clam Boil and is enough to feed two to four people.

How would you accomplish this? Well. it’s easy. In the first tier, you’d place your potatoes, quartered onion, and corn on the cob and start them to steam. Then when the potatoes and corn are almost finished, you’d simply lift the lid, add the second tier of clams, crab, and sausage and replace the lid on top. Continue steaming until the clams have cooked through and popped open. It’s just that easy!

Image of the various modes of the buydeem food steamer

But this steamer isn’t just for steaming vegetables and seafood! It’s actually SO much more than that.

On top of the stainless steel trays and ceramic plate, the steamer comes with two glass stewing pots that will hold any type of liquid like soup or yogurt. These can also be used for steaming rice, making porridge, or even Boston Brown bread which traditionally cooks by steaming in a pan of water in the conventional oven.

For some extra flair, try cooking Easy! Tamale Pie Casserole. Simply wrap the pan as directed in the recipe and instead of using the Bane Marie cooking technique in your oven, steam until cooked through. The results are seriously amazing.

Did I mention this steamer comes with its very own cookbook as a part of the accessories list? The BUYDEEM steamer isn’t just for steaming your nightly veggies or making sticky rice! I believe you will be more than impressed with this steamer’s versatility.

Image of the versatile cooking methods of the buydeem food steamer

Should I buy a steamer?

In a word … YES! I absolutely do recommend the BUYDEEM all-in-one Intelligent Steamer.

The BUYDEEM steamer may be a little more expensive than other brands on the market but this is more than offset by the multi-functional design and all of the included accessories.

You can purchase the Buydeem All-in-One Intelligent Steamer directly from the company website (see link above) and be sure to use the coupon code (SAVE10) upon checkout. But this fabulous intelligent steamer is also available on currently with a $30 coupon and the added offer of a 4-year extended warranty for purchase.

The steamer comes with a one-year warranty, so be sure to return the warranty card located inside the user manual.

If you’re interested in cooking healthier meals and don’t mind spending a little extra for a unit that provides plenty of extras and accessories, the Buydeem 5-Quart All-in-One Intelligent Steamer is the perfect solution.

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