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Love potstickers and these are great made at home


OMG! I love pot stickers. Never thought to make them myself. How economical.

Indeed! For the cost of one pre-packaged bag you can probably make 4 times as many (if not more) at home. They freeze well, use basic pantry items and taste great!


My friend shared your recipe with me at lunch. Amazing. Thanks!

You are so sweet to come by and comment. I am so glad you enjoyed them.

Wish I hadn’t stumbled across your blog today – am fasting and sooooo hungry. Would love a plate of pot stickers – they look amazing.

Thanks for stopping in and saying “hello.” I dropped by your blog, I love your chai bundt cake!! Looks wonderful!

Living in such a rural area, I just don’t have any access to decent Potstickers. I will have to follow your recipe, and just make them at home!

Hi Kris, they really are super easy to make and all the ingredients are generally available in the grocery store. If round wonton wrappers are not available, substitute for the square ones. Sesame oil is usually on the international foods aisle of my market around the soy sauce and other Asian ingredients or can be purchased on a site like Amazon. I think once you make them at home, you will be craving them, too!!