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There isn’t anything even remotely bad about MSG. No science has ever backed it up and in fact, science has debunked it thousands of time. If you research it for yourself, you’ll find it’s actually better than regular table salt. Just don’t use too much of it as it’s still a sodium. It can give you the same effects as salt but without adding the taste of salt. Which is perfect in a great many recipes. But because it doesn’t add a salt taste is why many people add too much of it, thinking they haven’t added enough because they… Read more »

Hi Michael, Your positive experience with MSG does not mean that MSG is safe for everyone to consume. Whether you believe it or not, people who are sensitive to MSG or have an allergy to MSG must avoid foods with high amounts of naturally occurring free glutamate as well as the chemical additive MSG. An individual’s reaction to MSG is not limited to Chinese Restaurant Syndrome (CRS) such as you have suggested. CRS is characterized by symptoms like headache, sweating, rapid heartbeat and tightness in the chest. These symptoms usually occur within minutes of eating the compound, often while the… Read more »


Great basic sauce. Sweeten it spoce it up to suit your needs.


Great basic sauce.

Thanks, Reene!