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Very tasty.


I’ve never had this. Is it spicy?

I don;t find it to be spicy but you can certainly adjust any of the spices to your tastes.

Kietzman3280 (at) gmail.com

Hey! very cool web site!! I’ll bookmark your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Are you using wordpress?

Yes! I love it.


Can I omit tomatoes?

yes, absolutely.


I love spinach so I have to try this.

I do too. My husband isnt a fan but I like it.


How do you think this would work without tomatoes? My husband can’t eat them, but otherwise this sounds great. I make butter chicken without tomatoes all the time and it works, but I’m not sure about this one. Thanks!

Hi Vicki,
Thank you for stopping by and for asking. That’s a great question. You can most definitely omit the tomatoes if you please. If anything, you may need to add a little liquid like chicken stock, vegetable stock or water to thin it out some to the desired consistency, but that’s all that would really change.