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I was so excited to try this but it tastes nothing like original. Good but not to be compared at all.

Well, they do have an awful lot of artificial flavors, colors, stabilizers and preservatives which adds to and alters the flavors. So, no, it could never be an exact recipe without adding citric acid and other stabilizers.


Great recipe! Thank you!


Based on another reviewer I added a little more garlic and this was a great dipping sauce


Tweaked this a little with the additional of extra spices for my tastes but still a keeper.

Thanks, Daryl! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it.


Yummy – glad to be able to make it at home from ingredients I have in the fridge and pantry.


Love me some Polynesian sauce. Thanks for sharing.


Great looking site. I presume you did a lot of your very own html coding?

Hi. No, I use the wordpress platform with the Foodie Pro Child Theme. I did do some special work to the top and bottom of the blog (Header and Footers) outside of what’s available with the theme “out of the box”.

I love their sauce. I cant wait to make it at home.

I hope you enjoy it.


I used the reader modifications and this was spot on!

Thanks, Jenny! I have not yet had the chance to try it out.


I love Chic-fil-A sauces!

I know, me too!

I’ve been to chick-fil-a several times, but I’ve never had their Polynesian sauce. Sounds delicious and intersting. I can’t wait to make some for our next batch of chicken nuggets/fingers/wings.

Becky Hering

I made the sauce recipe and we tasted it side by side with the real thing, and its really close we checked the ingredient list and added dried mustard powder 1/4 teaspoon, 1/4 paprika and 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder and onion powder and made it even closer, I used Honey since I always sub honey for corn syrup but it was really good; better with the spices we thought:)

Sounds good, Becky. I’ll have to try your version.

We cheat and use this on sweet and sour chicken I make. Not the same as the Chinese sauce but my daughter likes it.