How to get the Best Results from your air fryer

The convenience of the air fryer is absolutely amazing, but getting the best results takes a little more work than simply turning it on and walking away. The following tips on How To Get The Best Results From Your Air Fryer will have have big effects on the overall flavor and texture of the food.

More Even Cooking

  1. Avoid Overfilling: Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food, if it’s filled too full, the food will steam instead of fry and will cook unevenly.
  2. Rotate and flip meats: It may seem counter-intuitive since the meat is surrounded by air, but turning the meat halfway through helps it cook more evenly.
  3. Toss Veggies: Tossing veggies halfway through gives more even browning. This works especially well for French Fries.
AN image of the Power Fryer XL brand air fryer.

Better Browning

  1. Pat Food Dry: A dry surface browns more quickly. Moisture on the surface will steam, so pat down meats and vegetables with paper towels before cooking.
  2. A Little Fat Goes a Long Way: Cooking without any fat at all sounds very appealing but doesn’t yield the best results. For best results, add a small amount of oil helps the food brown and crisp up.
  3. Brush Dough With an Egg Wash: When cooking pastry dough, brushing the dough with an egg wash gives and even glossy browning.
An image of the Emeril 360 air fryer

Crunchier Crusts and Coatings

  1. Pretoast your crumbs: Panko bread crumbs provide the best crunchy crust to air-fried foods. Without any oil, the hot air simply dries them out. Pre-toast the crumbs in the microwave with a little butter or oil turns them a nice golden brown.
  2. Spray with vegetable oil: helps the crumbs brown but also not stick to the basket.
An image of an air fryer.

Making Complete Meals:

  1. Stack your dinner: By layering the ingredients you can fit a complete meal in the air fryer. Do this by placing the veggies in the bottom and then place the proteins on top. The meats juices will baste the vegetables.
  2. Use your time wisely: While the bulk of the meal cooks in the air fryer , use that time to prepare the sauce or another side for complete meat finished when the air fryer is done.

How To Get The Best Results From Your Air Fryer using these simple tips and practice with your model will help you cook a great meal!

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