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Sounds great & i agree about the roasted garlic. How ever i will have to use the sweet paprika rather than the smoked and I’ll have to put some other chili powder in that is not the ancho as it too is smoked. Excited to try the pork country stle ribs in the Instant Pot. Honestly I’m surprised that if you have sensitivity to GMOs that smoked spices or smoked Foods don’t bother you. I get major migraine head aches any time I eat anything that has smoke seasoning, Liquid Smoke, or has been smoked. I also can’t eat pork… Read more »

Hi Teena,

I don’t have a sensitivity to GMOs. I have a sensitivity to MSG which is not in any of the smoked spices I use. The smoked foods we eat come from our own smoker so we know what goes into them. Everyone’s triggers are different though so what isn’t a trigger for me very well may be a trigger for you and vice versa.


This was great on chicken wings! Thanks for the recipe.


going to have to make this, sounds yummy

Sounds delicious

Thank you