Random Recipe Round-up wk 16 by Kitchen Dreaming
Random Recipe Round-up wk 16
I read that over 70% of most blogs readers are other bloggers. That being said, you can probably guess that like most others, Dina and I follow other food bloggers from around the web with not only our Kitchen Dreaming account but with each of our personal social media accounts as well. We've found so many incredible bloggers. In an effort to spotlight some of our community members, we are featuring a few of them here each Friday. So, let's get on with what we picked this week shall we?   
First up, I picked this amazing Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Sourdough Croutons by The Chef Next Door. Well, long story short, I sure wish she did live next door because this soup looks amazing and I just adore cauliflower soup. I have not yet tried roasted cauliflower as my base but as soon as I saw the title light bulbs went off in my head. What a beautiful depth of flavor that would add to my next soup base!  

Next I headed over to Sandi's place at The New York foodie and picked up these Indian Chicken Kebab Rolls on-a-stick. I'm not sure about your family, but anything on a stick and it's sure  to please the kids in my family because there's just something fun about eating foods from a stick.

KC of The Kitchen Chopper was next  in my travels with this Chicken, fennel, & smoked Gouda Pizza. She experimented here with two different types of crust and advises  that you can certainly make your own crust but that the flavors were absolutely amazing. And I believe her. 

I dropped by Heidy's blog again because she's always inspiring me with her mouth-watering creations. This Zuppa di pesce (Fish Soup) is no exception. Drop b y Heidy's blog and check out this incredible soup. It had me at crab legs! 

Finally, I dropped by Debi's blog at Life Currents. Debi shared this recipe for Chow Mein Noodles which is a staple that my kids love.  

The following recipes were featured at our link party this past week and they earned free add space on my blog side bar as well. Go by and congratulate them! 
Earning the most clicks AGAIN  this week was our co-host, Heidy, from over at the McCallum's Shamrock Patch. This week it was for her Italian Tortellini and Spinach soup! Congratulations (again), Heidy! 

The next feature is this Banana Split Cake from I Like to Bake and Cook which she says is her "all time favorite cake creation! It makes a great Birthday cake for those who love banana splits. [It's] super good and super easy for you to create."

It looks stunning in the photos so just imagine it at your next birthday party!

The Wild Flours Kitchen linked up with this Sausage Bisquette which she describes as a "NO-FAIL."  She says they "come out gorgeous every single time! And the rest is simply a matter of chopping, tossing, browning the sausage, melting the cheese and assembling! And you can even make the biscuits, brown the sausage, and make the salsa the day before for a quick-to-throw-together, no-fret brunch!"  How awesome is  that! 

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04/27/2014 10:49pm

Fantastic Recipe round up! Thank you so much for featuring us!!!


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