39 Rue de Jean


Relatively new to the Charleston fine dining scene, my husband and I chose 39 Ruse de Jean for our Anniversary dinner on a Saturday night. We made early reservations so we could also enjoy a night out afterwards. 

We arrived and were happily greeted by the Hostess and chaperoned to our window side table. The tables are rather close to one another yet it is still quaint and during the hubbub when the restaurant is full, you really don't notice too much of everyones table conversations. The conversations from the bar area did get pretty loud but it was the happy sound of people having fun and laughter and really was not bothersome to me. 

Once seated, our waiter was over to our table almost as soon as we sat down to take our drink orders and go over the menu. Since we had never dined here before he went over the menu before disappearing once again. He gave us ample time go over the menu and make our choices. He clarified any questions we had before taking our order. From start to finish our service was impeccable. 

For my appetizer, I chose the Beef Tartare which was made from aged sirloin chopped by hand, traditional garniture and toast points. This was absolutely delicious. My husband chose the Onion Soup Gratinée which is made with caramelized onions in rich broth, and gruyère crouton. He also really enjoyed his soup. For our main course, I chose the Duck Confit which had a goat cheese potato croquette, butter poached mushrooms and bacon grape emulsion. Having never had duck confit before, I found this dish to be absolutely amazing right down to the very last bite. My husband chose the Braised Short Ribs with espagnole sauce, fresh herbs, potato purée, and garlic spinach. Aside from the portion size, my husband said this dish was delicious and I do believe he would have licked the plate if he could have. Instead, he mopped up the extra bits and juices with a piece of bread. 

I have heard numerous time that the mussels at 39 Rue de Jean are absolutely delicious so we will be back soon to try them out! We are really looking forward to our next visit! 
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