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This Greek restaurant was hands down my favorite Greek spot in the tri-county area. Were not for one major service issue we had, it most likely would still be our favorite Greek restaurant. We went to the Flowertown Festival which is held in spring of each year. Since it's a rather popular festival for the area, we had to park several blocks away and walk back. After attending the festival, we decided to stop at our favorite restaurant with our infant daughter for a quick bit to eat. As you can imagine, there was quite a wait for a table since this restaurant sits in the middle of the entrances into the festival. After our name was called we happily followed our server to a table with our infant daughter sleeping in her stroller.

After we arrived at the table and had ordered both beverages and our dinner, we were informed that we could not keep the stroller with us and we would have to leave it in the back room because of local fire ordinances. Being that my husband also works in the fire services we understood this point but not the timing of events. We had to eat dinner in shifts each holding our daughter while the other ate dinner. Yes, this meant that one of us would eat a cold dinner after the first hurriedly choked down their meal. However, after looking around, we noticed that several other tables in the restaurant had strollers conveniently parked alongside. So, if a stroller was only NOT allowed at the section we were sitting in, why not offer us another table rather than making us feel awkward and unwelcome in the establishment. Since they didn't bother to tell us until we were already seated, we got many awkward glances from both other patrons and staff members alike for the entirety of our dinner. 

My daughter is now four ( age edited) and we have not yet been back since this one single event still leaves a bad impression on us. My personal grievance aside, we did always enjoy the food. We had never gotten a bad meal and have had nearly everything on the menu (for a menu click here) at least once. If you are in the area, I do still recommend the Continental Corner but recommend making sure that at a minimum you have an infant carrier with you that detaches from your stroller because while they list themselves are kid and family friendly, it is only in a very limited capacity. 
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