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We've had the pleasure to dine at Jestine's Kitchen twice. The first with my husband and my children and the second time we entertained my niece and her friends from college when they visited Charleston for Spring Break. Both times, the food has been fabulous. Since we've had the chance to go with a large party, we've gotten to sample many items on the menu. The crunchy fresh pickled vegetable mix served as a free appetizer is a delightful tradition. 

The fried chicken is heavenly and the portion is large for the price. The meatloaf was also very good with a portion too big to finish. I had the fried pork chops which were delicious and I took one home for my lunch the following day. My niece ordered the ham and she also enjoyed it very much. The last dish we tried, I believe, was a dinner special that day and was a whole broiled fish. This was also very good. 

Jestine's is a very small place and often has a line forming around the building and is first come first served. We usually go later in the evening after the dinner rush to avoid the lines which often command about an hour wait. Jestine's is also family friendly though I cannot recall or locate a published children's menu.  To view the menu click here
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