I went to PF Chang's many years ago in Winter Park, FL and had a great dining experience so I was excited when I heard that there was a PF Chang's in Mt. Pleasant, SC. At our first opportunity my husband and I along with our toddler went for a little visit. It was a Sunday and the restaurant was packed but we didn't mind. We got a chance to look around and admire the restaurant while we waited for a table to become available. Since we had a toddler, the hostess took a special note to request a booth for us so our daughter would have a place to sit as well. We really appreciated this added touch. 

We got the Chicken Lettuce wraps and they are absolutely delicious. I think I could eat these as a main meal and be perfectly happy. For my entree, I ordered the Almond and Cashew Chicken which comes with stir-fried with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, celery, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in a garlic soy sauce. My husband ordered the Mongolian Beef which is tender flank steak wok-cooked then quickly tossed with scallions and garlic. 

In the past, I have had Chicken with Black Bean Sauce (Sliced chicken breast, green onions, garlic and black beans in a mild, flavorful sauce) and found it to be delicious, however, I didn't care for the garlic soy sauce this trip. When the server asked if I was okay because I wasn't eating my dinner, I told her I didn't care for the sauce but that I ate all the "important stuff" out of the dish. She insisted I order a new dish to which I declined because after all I HAD eaten the chicken and almonds out of my dinner already. Unable to bend my will, she sent the manager over. I tried again to explain that they need not pay for my meal because I didn't like the sauce because I had already eaten the chicken and almonds out of the dish and I was okay with that. The manager said that PF Chang's wants all customers to be happy with their meals regardless if it was only the sauce that I didn't care for. Finally, I gave up resisting and the manager removed the meal price from our ticket. I was very pleased with the quality of customer service PF Chang's offers each and every time we visit.

I have been back again since this incident for lunch with a friend. We each ordered soup and we shared an order of the chicken lettuce wraps. Truly, I cannot get enough of those things! The Hot &sour soup I had, which is made of chicken, tofu, bamboo shoots, egg and mushrooms, balanced with hot white pepper and vinegar, was excellent. 

I would recommend PF Chang's if you are in the area and looking for a bite to eat. I am not sure that it is the most authentic Chinese food you will ever eat but it's good food just the same. 
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