The Southend Brewery and Smokehouse sits on the corner of East Bay and Queen Streets. The building that Southend Brewery occupies has a history rooted deeply in Charleston's past with many secrets and stories surrounding it which, along with it's prime location, undoubtedly aids in the Brewery's popularity. 

According to local history and current day legends, the Southend Brewery is described to be one of the most haunted buildings in Charleston. According to Southend's own blog and also to books I've personally read on this subject, "long ago, a cotton merchant had an office on the third floor, where he took his own life back in the 1800′s. Deep in dept and hopeless, the merchant hanged himself after watching a shipment of cotton burn to the water line from his window. This shipment was meant to repay his debts. As the ship burned down, he watched his last chance of redemption burn away, too."  Allegedly, "this man’s ghost has taken permanent residence at Southend. Though hundreds of years ago he lived a tortured life here, he now seems to be enjoy Southend Brewery’s modern day charms."

That being said, the only ghastly experiences we've encountered while at the Southend Brewery and Smokehouse have been of the gastronomic type. For us, the food is only mediocre at best and not nearly worth the price point. In fairness, we have gone to Southend Brewery three different times to check it out and to try and give it a fair and honest review. During those three times, we've sampled everything from Pizza and sandwiches to dinner entrees all with no real memorable food experiences. The craft beers however were a real hit with my friends who did really enjoy the craft beer sampler we ordered. 

Long story short, if it's a hot Charleston day, and it most likely is, and you are in the mood for a craft beer then stop by and check out the Southend Brewery and Smokehouse and enjoy some of their fine craft beers (click here for Beer Menu) and the wonderfully historical atmosphere while you build up your appetite for dinner. Once your good and hungry check out any of the multitude of fine dining establishments in the area and enjoy the best of both worlds. 

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