My husband and I ate here one weekday afternoon for lunch. We entered a little before noontime to find it to be almost empty. We were given a window seat (booth) in the bar area overlooking a small pond outside. This was great as it occupied our daughter who enjoyed looking outside at the ducks.

The wait staff was extremely friendly and quick for refills or any other thing we needed. Since we were not there during a full swing dinner service and happy hour, we cannot talk about the noise from the bar but based on the inside construction can imagine that the acoustics would be quite loud.

My husband and I each ordered a different hamburger from the menu options and while each were very tasty in their own right both were extremely dry and juice-less  It was as though the chef had pressed and squeezed the juices out of the perfectly hand formed patty in an effort to make it cook faster. This, for us, is quite a travesty. When the server asked "how is everything?" my husband showed her how dry the burgers were. She was extremely apologetic and offered to replace our meals. Since we had already eaten half, we didn't feel it was fair to get a new meal. The burger was still tasty after all. It was just dry. My husband's only point he was trying to make is that any restaurant is only as good as it's chef. It's a rookie mistake to over press and squeeze a hamburger while it's cooking and squeeze out all the juices. When you consider that the restaurant was almost empty, there is really no excuse for it.

We may go back some night and try again for a dinner. When we do, I will let you know what we find.  
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