We have had the opportunity to dine at Virginia's on King twice now each time for lunch (what they call dinner). While we have experienced good food both times our services were disorganized and disjointed. The service in the front of the house did not reflect the service coming from the back of the house.

On our second visit our table was wobbly and with two tables pushed together inevitably a glass of tea was accidentally set down by the server on the seem of the uneven tables and spilled all over the place including my daughter and my husband. While we all hurriedly wiped up the spill the server was extremely apologetic. We understand that accidents do happen but at no time did a Manger come by the table to speak to us and right the situation. This was very displeasing. 

The food we've had, however, has been good and our table enjoyed various samplings from the menu. To start we ordered the fried pickles and my friend ordered a cup of she crab soup. For dinner, we seemed to all settle on the same entrees: the fried chicken and the chicken fried steak. My husband's immediate impression was that while the fried chicken was good it was not as good as another local restaurant but I found it enjoyable. The chicken fried steak was a bit of a surprise to me since it was a NY strip steak battered and fried and not cubed and fried. It was good nevertheless and smothered with a red eye gravy. 

While the food is good, the service leaves a lot to be desired. We are torn as to whether the food is good enough to brave the service to go back for a third try. 
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