My friends and I gathered here to have some appetizers, sushi, sake and hibachi dinner.

We started the night off with an order of Shrimp tempura and while it was good it was expensive for what little we got and this was very disappointing. Service we found out rather quickly was decidedly slow. Although our server was nice, she left for long gaps of time and did not return. We found ourselves flagging down other random servers to either get what we needed or to find our server. This made the entire dinner somewhat of a disappointment but still we moved on through the meal. 

Moving on into a round of sushi rolls, we ordered and enjoyed a small assortment of about 5 rolls and enjoyed every roll we ordered. Each was very fresh, extremely delightful and expertly hand rolled. About this we had no complaints. For our last course, we ordered from the hibachi grill. By this time, the dinner and service had taken so long and we had not seen our server in quite some time that we thought to leave and cancel our hibachi order altogether. 

Apparently, our server had gone off duty or on break and not told anyone that we were in the middle of service. This was extremely bad taste and poor planning and is still not forgotten. Luckily, the server who took over our table was so apologetic that she more than made up for the poor service we had received earlier and she single handedly recovered our evening from an otherwise terrible dining experience despite the wonderful food. 

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