It was Saturday night around 7pm, the sun was starting to set and we pulled up to Grills which is located in the port area in a marina.  There are numerous boat slips for the sea faring traveler and ample parking.  Be aware the parking in front of the restaurant is two hour parking so if you plan on staying to enjoy the music you may want to park in the larger lot that has no time restrictions. They are clearly marked.

We walked up just as the band Delgado was setting up outside in the Tiki Bar area.  The skies were overcast and periodic showers were imminent but the crowd was plenty and the large bar area was full.  Due to the weather we decided to eat inside.  We entered into the restaurant and immediately came to a hostess stand.  The restaurant was full, which we were told by our hotel to expect.  We placed our names on the list and were told it would be about 20-25 minutes for an inside table but if a table opened up outside we were more then welcome to seat ourselves.  We took the buzzer and went outside to enjoy the views of the marina.  We waited outside and had a chance to see many tables get their dinner.  The food looked amazing and the portion size looked ample.  The entire wait staff had a casual look and all looked happy.

About 10 minutes into our wait our buzzer went off, we re-entered the restaurant and the hostess greeted us very pleasantly.  We were seated along the main windows along the marina.  The tables are a hard resin with different tropical themes. The chairs are plastic outdoor fare, the flooring is wood planks, reminiscent of a boardwalk and the ceiling is a thatch type covering.  There was a typical beach theme with surfboards hanging and a casual atmosphere.  

Our waitress presented herself and immediately told us her name was Katie, she was very knowledgeable with the menu and told us the fresh catch of the day was Yellow Fin and Mahi Mahi.  She also told us that any place in the menu we saw the word "fish" we would have our choice of the fresh catch of the day. We asked her about a deal our hotel told us about.  They said if we presented our room key we would receive buy one get one free drinks.  She was not familiar with this and asked us if we would mind if she could go check with her manager.  She quickly returned back and said they do honor that special and then proceeded to tell us of all the different types of drinks they had.  They are a full service bar so the sky was the limit.  I love anything fruity and tropical but I know that Jim loves key lime pie so we decided on a Key Lime Colada.  The drink was served in plastic cups, was a tropical frozen concoction that was true to its name and tasted just like key lime pie.  

For our entree, Jim decided on the Fresh Catch, Mahi Mahi $19.99.  He asked how the fish would be prepared, Katie explained they grill most fish but could do the fish any way he liked.  He asked if it could be blackened and she said of course, you will enjoy it, the flavors are great.  The fish was 2 large pieces which had been blackened and cooked perfectly, the flesh was tender and moist was served with his choice of sides which he chose the Caribbean rice pilaf and the meal also included a mix of vegetables and garlic bread.  I on the other hand decided on Shrimp Skewers $14.99 and for my side I chose the Coconut Sticky White Rice.  I requested their black beans on the side because the front desk clerk at the hotel told me that was a favorite of hers and very rightfully so as they are cooked perfectly and the seasonings were spot on.  My plate arrived and the skewers were removed, there were 12 very large shrimp with large chunks of green peppers and onions, grilled perfectly.  The shrimp was tender, they were not overcooked and the vegetables still had a nice crunch.  

Although we were completely stuffed we decided to end our meal with dessert.  Since I chose the drink I let Jim choose the dessert.  They had numerous cakes and pies to choose from.  Jim has always wanted to try fried cheesecake $3.99 so that was what we ordered.  The cake was a large slice in a flaky pastry shell, deep fried and drizzled with chocolate and a berry sauce.  I personally am not a big fan of fried desserts but I have to say this was delicious, there was no greasy oily taste, it was warm with the cool cheesecake inside.  I would recommend you give this a try!

They had a full menu for both land and sea lovers as well as choices for vegetarians and children.  We were able to see a family with five children receive their meals which were served on Frisbees instead of plates.  The kids were excited to finish their dinners so they could have a toy for later.

After we finished our dessert we strolled outside to the Tiki bar area and listened to the band.  This was a five member band and they were energetic, had the crowd involved, there was a small dance floor in front of the stage where couples were dancing.  The energy was great and you could see the crowd was enjoying themselves.

If you are looking for fresh seafood, a relaxed casual atmosphere with great food and good music give Grills a try as you won't be disappointed
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