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Mari Best

OMG! just like Krystals. Yummy!

Susan Busby

Tastes just like the real thing.


Made these for lunch for the kids. Doing a stay-cation. They loved it.

Jocelyn Monicar

Love these!


My kids went crazy for these! We don’t have a Krystal Burgers in my area but we’ve had them while traveling.


Made them they were great… I’m from TN and miss hitting Krystal’s on the way home from downtown Nashville
.. They where just as good… Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks, Amy. I’m glad they hit the spot!


Im from Nashville in AZ now..I so miss Krystals can’t wait to make these.

Vickie Davis

Thank you! You are a lifesaver! Making these tonight as I’m a true blue krystal burger fan!

I hope you like them, Vickie. My kids love them.


I can’t wait to try this next week! My husband and I live in North Carolina and are always craving krystals. We are from Florida so when we go back to visit we pig out on those delicious little burgers. I showed my husband your recipe and he was so excited.

Hi! I am from Florida, too, now living in South Carolina. We do the same on drives back to see my family. These are a fun treat at home in the in-between times. I hope you enjoy them. The steamed onions (and soft rolls) make the difference for me.

Hayley Bullen

Hello! Just a quick question. There’s water listed under the ingredients, but I don’t see it in the directions. Do I mix it into the ground beef mixture? Thank you for posting the recipe! My husband is a huge Krystal’s fan and there isn’t anything like it here in WA. He’s very excited for me to make them! 🙂

Hi Haley! Yes, it’s mixed into the ground beef for some added moisture. Thanks for asking. I’ve gone back and included it in the instructions. So sorry for the confusion.

poppy paschall

We don’t have a Krystal burger where I live but my husband loves them. These were great! I couldn’t believe how easy they were eiether!

Thanks, Poppy! My daughter is a fan of the mini burgers so we make these quite a bit. 🙂 I’m glad you liked them, too!

susan b

Hi. A friend of mine used to make these. It was a similar recipe, but he added a jar of beef baby food to get the texture right. They were very yummy.