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Where do you buy casings and how do you getthe ground meat into them?

Hi Judy, I buy the casings online but most outdoorsman type sporting good stores sell them as well – outdoor world, bass pro shops, cabelas – to name a few I can think of that I know carry them. They can be stuffed with a handheld stuffer but I use my kitchen aid mixer with a sausage stuffing attachment. The same stores above, as well as Amazon sell stand alone stuffers for folks who make quite a bit of sausage. When I don’t have casings, I just free-form the meat into sausages or patties and cook them that way. I… Read more »


Can you bbq these? Thanks

Hi Jason,
After they are smoked and cooked through, we can split them open butterfly-style and grill them. To cook them from raw on the grill would cook much like a brat.


Fantastic job. I really loved that I could start with ground pork. What a game changer.

Ed McGowan

Target grocery stores, have Linguica.

Ed McGowan

I recently moved to Tucson Arizona. Was unable to find good Portuguese linguica other than Gaspar’s Portuguese sausage from Massachusetts. after months of searching the Tucson stores butcher shops looking for someone to make it for me. I was informed by one of the local butchers that a company from California was selling their product in Target stores in Arizona. I immediately went there and found a whole case because no one knew it was in stock. I purchased 10 packages at $4 a package good luck! keep searching.

Sounds great, Ed. But I do not believe that it is available in all areas. I have found some other spanish sausage in the deli that works well if I buy a hunk and dice it. I make my own linguica now and smoke it.


@Ed. I’m almost originally from MA and Gaspar’s was our favorite. I now live on the east side of Tucson. I used to order from there but it was a pretty penny. I always check the grocery stores and, after 18 years, my local Safeway finally started carrying it. I buy it every time I go whether I need more or not (I always need more) to make sure they keep carrying it. Make sure you check it out. Although I wouldn’t put the Safeway version completely on par with Gaspar’s, it’s a pretty good incarnation. I’ve gotten bad ones–particularly… Read more »


Delicious! I was amazed at how great this turned out!

Sharon Hoopingarner

I moved to Texas and can not find it any where so I am so happy to find this recipe!!!

I’m so happy you found it! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


Wow – that looks so easy


Thanks! It’s good to see the Portuguese Cuisine being perpetuated. I just had one question? In all my years I’ve never seen Cayenne Peter in true Portuguese recipes. My family either used hot paprika and Piri piri sauce for heat or made and used Pimenta Moida/ Portuguese Pepper paste to marinate. This is a staple in the Azores.


Hi Kelena – your rendition sounds great. Thank you. While cayenne pepper may not be traditional, it is a viable substitute for those of us in the states who do not have bird’s eye or Thai peppers readily available in the grocery store. You’d probably be surprised to learn that in my area, we don’t find much in the grocery aside from jalapenos and bell peppers. The substitute for hot paprika is sweet paprika with some cayenne added for heat. So while not completely a traditional Portuguese recipe, it is still very close to the original except for the addition… Read more »


I can relate. Get some birds eye seeds and grow pepper plant they should flourish in SC. I find my Penton here in Hawaii from Spain both hot and sweet even smoked Paprika I find Spanish versions at our TJ Max and Ross stores in their food sections from time to time and stock up! Check Amazon they get everything from piri piri to pepper paste it really makes a difference. JMO. But they look ono!


I love linguica but have never made it at home. Yumm.

If you dont have casings, you can always make it free form and loose. We smoked this set just like you find in stores but the flavors are spot on.