Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

This Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin is so tender it can be cut with a fork. The smoked paprika lends a distinct flavor to the meat and aroma to the kitchen.

The idea for this Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin began when we found that we had a leftover pork loin after trying another recipe. We have since made this recipe twice with one time being over the winter Holidays. Both the Loin Roast and the tenderloin came out so tender and …

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Baked Mac n Cheese

Baked Mac n Cheese was not a dish on our traditional Thanksgiving table but as I studied regional cuisines, found that it graces the Holiday tables throughout much of the Southern United States. Since moving to South Carolina, I have found that Baked Mac n Cheese has become a new …

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Zesty Marinated Shrimp

Zesty Pickled Shrimp 2

My friend, Tara, introduced me to this recipe when we were in college. I still refer to it as “Tara’s Shrimp Recipe” and my family knows exactly what that means. You can add more, less or even omit the red pepper flakes altogether to adjust the heat to your own …

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Deviled Ham Salad

Deviled Ham Salad is a recipe it seems every family has a favorite recipe. It's great on marbled rye bread or as a spread for crackers and a great way to use leftover ham

Deviled Ham Salad is a recipe it seems every family prepared in the 1970’s and even through the 1980’s and well into the 1990’s. But as our foodie curiosity grew, some of our classic recipes fell by the wayside. It’s not necessarily a bad thing either because I love the foodie revolution …

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