While my Aunt and Uncle were visiting, we decided to take them downtown to eat at Basil. As a party of 5 (four adults and a toddler needing a high chair) we were seated at a four top table. While this may not seen like a big deal to some, those people with a toddler surely understand how hard it is to have five people and a toddler seated on a four top table. Since the restaurant is narrow, our only seating options for her were either in the isle (against fire code) or in between the tables at a corner which did not give her much table room to eat. This seating arrangement did not make the neighboring table very happy but by the end of service my daughter had won them over. (phew!) 

As luck would have it, each member of our party ordered a different meal so we had a great sampling. Of the items listed, we tried the Pad Thai, Prik King, Basil Beef and Garlic Chicken. This was the first time I had ever ordered pad thai and it is now the standard to which all other pad thai are held. The other three dished were wonderful as well. The Prik King was a little spicy for me but my Uncle really enjoyed it. 

We definately recommend Basil and look forward to going again. If you'd like to check out their menu and pricing click here
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