Jack's Cosmic Dogs


I grew up in New England where we had hot dog stands, it seems, on every street corner. There certainly were no shortage of them that's for sure but inevitably everyone had a certain stand that they preferred the best. Not me. As a kid, I just liked being able to go there with my dad and order a chili dog and an orange soda. It didn't matter to me what stand or where we were. If they sold chili dogs and orange sodas, they were my favorite.

As an adult, I have more discerning tastes but here in Charleston, hot dog stands are far and few in between. So after I learned about a local hot dog joint near Charleston, I decided I had to make a special trip!  Jack's Cosmic Dogs is in Mt. Pleasant and is a fun place for those that appreciate hot dogs and fresh cut fries with malt vinegar.      

Jack's cosmic dogs is great and I happily make the trek out to Mt. Pleasant to get a hot dog or two when the craving arises. Jack's is fun and family friendly and sells exceptional hot dogs, corn dogs and fresh cut fries. They have other sandwich items on the menu but I'v never tried them. My favorite hot dog is  the Cosmic Dog. This features Jack’s original blue cheese slaw and their famous sweet potato mustard. Recently, I saw that this particular hot dog was even featured by my favorite celebrity chef, Alton Brown, on the Food Network Show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate."  I knew I liked AB for a reason! :) 
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