The Noisy Oyster


The Noisy Oyster is  my least favorite restaurant in all of Charleston. Having been relatively new to the area, I took my parents here when they came up to visit because they were craving for some seafood.

It was early in the afternoon and the place was not crowded at all and they sat us in a booth at the back of the restaurant with a view of the kitchen. This fact alone was the beginning of the end for us. After placing our order, we began the process of what turned out to be a pretty lengthy wait for our food. As we waited we chatted among ourselves only to realize that we couldn't hear our own table conversation over that of the servers in the next room whoopin' it up and acting poorly. The person we surmised was the manager was involved as well. Suffice to say, management is severely lacking. 

As the time draws on, we turn our attention to the food line in the kitchen where we saw many health code violations going on. Bus boys, dish washers and line cooks all eating off the food line with their bare hands into the french fries and other foods. Another person had their drink cup sitting among the fresh food prep and we watched him drink from the cup and put back in the middle of the food area. It was deplorable and at that moment after watching all these violations, we made the decision that we would never go back to the Noisy Oyster. 

The food, which is only mediocre at best, could never make up for the poor conditions we experienced at this restaurant. We thought since it was locally owned that we would be walking into our new favorite restaurant but we were sadly mistaken. 
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