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Ribs are the reason I bought the Instant Pot. “Country style ribs” aren’t really ribs, they’re actually cuts from the pork tenderloin shoulder.

I still love country-style “Ribs” but appreciate your insight into their origin. Thanks, Bill.


We love this! We need to make more though. Is it possible to do 6 pounds

Hi Carolyn,
I have not tried 6 pounds but as long as your instant pot can accommodate it and it set by the manufacturer’s instructions, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. Let me know if you give it a try!


Would it be ok to arrange and stack the ribs if I have more than 3 lbs??

Yes. We’ve double stacked it before, too. The pressure still cooks the meat the same.

Lynn Beumer

Recipe looks wonder How do you get 3 pounds of ribs in a single layer in the Instant Pot ?

I say in the text of the article that “Three pounds is a tight fit for the 6-qt Instant Pot, but it’s manageable.” I managed this by arranging them on their sides (fat side down) instead of flat like you may be imagining. I have added this note into the text and into the recipe notes. Thanks, Lynn for pointing out that oversite in the text. If 3-pounds was not manageable in this fashion, you could always add in a round roasting rack with tall lifting arms (used as feet in this case) and add a second tier. This works… Read more »

Mike Gashler

I used this 2 story method and it worked great.


I wasn’t sure about how id like ribs in the Ip but all I can say is wow, I love them!!


Love the idea of ribs in half the time.

I do too, Brenda! Great food in half the time is just good math!


I reɑlly ⅼike this recipe. Very clever.
Keep up the fantastic work!

Great recipe! I just got an IP and want to try this, thanks for the recipe!